Agriya is set to debut it’s first ever online learning solution

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The ever-growing demands of the education industry have forced people and the students to pursue alternate learning methodologies. The evolution of e-learning portals has catapulted the growth of this particular sector. But still, the market is currently lacking any concrete platforms which will satisfy the learner’s objectives. We at Agriya identified the inherent gap which was restricting the knowledge flow from these platforms, hence after thorough research and market analysis, we are all set to launch our first ever complete, one-stop, highly-customizable online learning solution.  

An extensive e-learning solution

Agriya’s custom e-learning solution is integrated with essential features designed specifically to suit the present day industry demands. Rather than focusing only on the learner, we have incorporated specific integral features which will suit the priorities of both the instructor and the admin. Built specifically to streamline the learning process, our online solution is inbuilt with highly customizable features to match up with your target user’s learning objectives. Course lessons can be compressed and can be uploaded in bulk.  Lessons can be framed and organized with ease. Apart from this, the much acclaimed multi-currency model will help you in engaging in hassle-free transactions. 

Interactive teaching methodology to provide maximum benefits

The final end product of your learning methodology should reach the students who are your most important end users. In order to make this possible without any potential hitches, we have streamlined our learning methodologies to suit the varied needs of students. For a more expansive approach we have added three new modules: 

  1. Online learning- Learning directly from the tutors through live medium
  2. On-site training- Providing on-site training for practical knowledge
  3. Video lessons- Upload video lessons to offer a better perspective

Faculties have more liberty and can accommodate secondary faculties to bring a much diverse feel to the course outline. Another interesting aspect is that the revenue generated through these lessons can be shared between the faculties. Videos and PDFs can be included in your curriculum to incite interest in your students. 

Versatile assessments to evaluate your students

To validate the student’s understanding of the subject we have included a range of assessment tests, quizzes, and puzzles which will help the students in further sharpening their skills. One-on-one interactive sessions with students and teachers alike will help garner interesting insights into their learning techniques. Mini interactive quizzes will provide more interesting styles of learning. 

Utilizes business-centric approach to generate maximum revenue

In order to compete with the key business leaders in this segment, we had embedded a business-centric approach to function with greater emphasis on marketing and revenue generation. This will help prospective entrepreneurs gain a foothold in the current educational sector. A  centralized, consolidated report system has been imbibed to gather insights about the revenue generated and obtain the course highlights as well. User statistics can be gathered through detailed analytics, which will help you in understanding your target audience better. An all rounded revenue generation system has been assimilated to initiate revenue from a wide range of sources. Presently revenue can be sourced from organic, referral, affiliate and advertisement methods. 

Final thoughts

We at Agriya introduced this innovative online learning solution with a primary purpose of re-engineering e-learning methodologies to suit the present day education trends.  Expertly designed and crafted to perfection, we have the perfect solution for all your e-learning needs. Transversing educational needs with your business objectives, this is the most practical and ideal online e-learning solution ever made. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 

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Agriya releases an improved version of ABS - Doctor Appointment Booking Script

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Agriya has always given high importance to fulfilling the needs of the customers. We understand that things change very quickly in the business world. That is why we make it a point to constantly update our products and services. Following this principle, we have recently updated ABS.


Patients are still facing the problem of finding the right doctor to treat them. Agriya has developed ABS - Doctor Appointment Booking Script to solve this problem. Our app is enabling people to find and meet doctors who can treat them.

Personalization for Doctors

Sometimes the doctor would like to personalize the SMS and mail sent to the patient. However, only the administrator of the app could send SMS and mail to the patients on behalf of the doctor. The doctor had no say over the content sent to the patient. That is why we have introduced “Customized SMS Mail Content” feature. With this feature, they can customize the SMS and mail sent to the patients. By personalizing the content doctors can build trust between them and their patients. Only when the doctor does not specify anything will the message provided by the administrator be used.

The doctor needs to know as much as possible about the patient before treating them. Sometimes it would be helpful if the doctor could get this information before giving an appointment to the patient. That is why we have introduced another feature on the doctor’s side, the “Additional Field groups in the Patient Form”. Using this feature the doctor can include additional fields in the patient form. The doctor can specify which all fields to add to the form. This helps doctors gather the required information while building the trust of the patient.

These additional features made available on the doctor’s side can be availed only if the doctor has subscribed to certain packages.

Personalization for Patients

On the patient’s side, we have introduced “Medical History Storage” feature. Using this feature the patient can load their medical history on to the app. This includes copies of scans, tests, and much more. The feature makes it easier for the patient to seek a second opinion from another doctor.

Parting words

Agriya’s has always produced high-quality products and ABS is no exception. We have worked hard to ensure that the latest version of ABS meets the standards set by the previous versions.
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Agriya’s annual discount sale for clone scripts & apps is here!

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Happy and satisfied customers are the springboard behind Agriya’s market success for nearly 18 years. We firmly believe that customers are the voice of our products and services. And we ever keep pace with latest advancements to earn the trust of our customers. 

We would like to thank you for believing in the brand “Agriya”, helping our business flourish in the global market. The competition is becoming increasingly stiff, but we remain firm because of you.   

Our gratitude must not be expressed in words alone, but via action. So, as a sign of thankfulness, we announce an exciting 30% off on all the ready-made scripts. 

A little something extra to celebrate entrepreneurship! 

Delivering business-friendly, cost-effective and turnkey web solutions, especially for startups is what Agriya focuses on largely. And all of our products are developed exactly in that way. So, this offer is also aimed at aiding upcoming entrepreneurs to take the first step towards success. 

Agriya’s ready-made clone scripts-An outline

Basically, Our products are instant online marketplace builders, developed for various sectors like freelancing, online food servicing, taxi-hailing, and much more. Currently, there are 60+ products and some of the popular ones are-TaxiPickr (Online taxi booking script), Teachr (e-learning script), Getlancer (freelance marketplace script), and Burrow(Online vacation rental script). And the best thing about Agriya’s ready-made solutions is that irrespective of the price scale, they come with identical feature and functionality base. 

To avail the offer, one must follow the below-listed sequence:

1.Land on Agriya’s official website
2.Browse through the section of ready-made scripts and apps
3.Choose a best-suited script
4.Enter the coupon code- Save30%

Final words 

Creating a disruptive work model is what business are focusing on. Nowadays, it’s all about creating an impact online. With this in mind, we are working continually towards reducing the gap between cost and innovation. And that has been our Philosophy for many years. Stay tuned, we will be back with more exciting news and offers. 

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